Julian Schroden

Hi, I am Julian

Full-time Software Engineer and Hobby Filmmaker interested in motion and camera control systems.
SmallRig 3061 Plate next to a Sachtler Sideload Plate S
How to modify a SmallRig 3061 Plate to fit on Sachtler Fluidheads
The SmallRig 3061 quick-release plate was originally designed for DJI RS gimbals. This post describes how to modify it to make it compatible with Sachtler Fluidheads.
Davinci Resolve Fusion node graph displaying a simple composition
How to use Simple Expression in Davinci Resolve
I recently worked on title templates in Davinci Resolve and learned how to use Simple Expressions to create adaptive layouts. This post summarizes my newly acquired knowledge and introduces you to the scripting capabilities of Fusion within Davinci Resolve.
DIY DJI Interview Adapter
DIY Interview Adapter for the DJI MIC
Due to the lack of an official interview adapter for the DJI MIC, I designed a 3D-printable DIY version to mount the wireless microphone on sticks featuring a 1/4" screw.
Canon EOS LiveView in CineRemote Flutter app
Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol
Remote Live View using PTP/IP on Canon EOS Cameras
The final post of the `Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol` series explains how to use Canon EOS cameras' remote live view feature.
Canon EOS 70D with exposed sensor
Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol
Capturing Images using PTP/IP on Canon EOS Cameras
In this post, you learn how to implement wireless shutter release for Canon EOS cameras using PTP/IP and how to control where the camera stores the image.
Canon EOS 70D shoulder display
Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol
Controlling Properties using PTP/IP on Canon EOS Cameras
This post describes how you can change property values and handle property update events using Canon's vendor-specific PTP/IP operations.
Pairing to a Canon EOS 70D in the CineRemote app
Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol
Pairing and Initializing a PTP/IP Connection with a Canon EOS Camera
Canon EOS cameras - like the EOS 70D - feature built-in WiFi and remote-control capabilities based on the PTP/IP protocol. This article describes how to pair to a camera and initialize a connection.
Image of Wireshark with active display folder
Exploring the PTP/IP Protocol
Analyzing the PTP/IP Protocol with Wireshark
This post describes how to filter PTP/IP packages using Wireshark. I will explain how to narrow the data down with capture filters and analyze the captured entries using display filters and coloring rules.
Image of Cine Remote app in action.
Exploring the Canon Browser Remote API
Using the Canon Browser Remote API in a Flutter App
Over the past three months, I have been working on reverse-engineering the Canon C100 II's Browser Remote API to create a mobile remote control app. The result is a Flutter app which I'll showcase in this post, including my plans for the project.
Live View image on iOS App
Exploring the Canon Browser Remote API
Polling the Live View Preview
When controlling a camera remotely, it is crucial to have a Live View preview to judge the composition and exposure. Luckily the Browser Remote API offers an endpoint to fetch the current Live View image. This post explains how you can enable the live view functionality and poll the current preview image.